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Waste Italia Spa

Corporate Profile

Working for the environment

Waste Italia, Italy's leading provider of environmental services and waste management, specialises in business services and operates through a network of collection centres, waste sorting and treatment plants, materials recovery facilities, biogas collection systems generating electricy and landfills.


Leveraging on a highly specialised commercial network present throughout the national territory, Waste Italia business covers, either directly or through its subsidiaries (Waste Way project), the entire integrated waste management chain, with a wide and integrated range of services, including consulting and customisation through the collection, transportation, sorting, treatment, recovery, waste-to-energy and disposal of special wastes, i.e. typically those coming from industrial production and commercial activities. The Company helps organisations using good waste management practice on site and reduce the environmental impacts of business activity by progressively increasing the quantities of materials recovered. 

Choosing Waste Italia means relying on a company built on a solid foundation of leadership guided by an experienced and always up-to-date management team. We are the ideal partner for those companies pursuing a fully compliant and environmentally sound waste management. Our sales staff develops and implement customised services for the entire life-cycle of special waste from production to disposal, providing customers with results in terms of recovery and savings.  

All our services are constantly monitored and subject to rigorous procedures and checks in order to ensure a proper environmental management, thanks to an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System which complies with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, certified by ANCIS (National Association for the Certification and Quality of Service Companies) Certiquality and RINA (according to the facility examined)

The subsidiaries of Waste Italy


Ecosavona operates in the sector of the treatment and disposal of urban...

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SMC comprises a sorting plant, sorting and valorisation...

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Seta is specialized in environmental services and in the collection...

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