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Waste Italia Spa

Corporate Profile

Sustainability Goal

Waste Italia, as part of the Waste Italia Group, has embraced a business model whose DNA relies in the sustainable development. The philosophy behind this approach stems from the belief, rooted in the Group Vision, that business strategies attentive to social and environmental sustainability are also economically successful.

apre strategia

The aspects of social and environmental sustainability are fully integrated both in the business plan and in Waste Italia’s strategy reflected in the annual Sustainability Report.
Particular attention is paid to the impacts of the business activity on all the stakeholders which is behond every business decision.

This is way Waste Italia endeavours to ensure to all its customers:  

  • Absolute control and monitoring of compliance with legal requirements across the entire value chain, also thanks to its wholly-owned waste treatment plants
  • Consistent quality of service across the national territory
  • Streamlining of waste management (on the customer's site)
  • Logistic optimisation: consolidating resources already deployed in the region. Fewer trips, fewer miles, less economic and environmental impact;
  • Centralised management of volumes and of the collection and sorting performance
  • Joint analyses and comparisons enabled through the use of shared performance metrics;
  • Continuous improvement. Waste Italia firmly believes in a Zero Waste world, this is why every activity is aimed at minimising the environment impact end valorise the wastes and give them a new life.

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