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Waste Italia Spa

Corporate Profile

Together for the environment

Waste Italia operates by guaranteeing the respect of people’s rights and gives big importance to health and safety at the workplace.  Workers are considered a crucial element: this is one of the reasons why, in coherence with its mission and values, it has been attempted to foster the establishment of a Company that gives the human resource management a strategic role.

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Professionalism, competitiveness and profit are common beliefs at Waste Italia; in addition, workers know about the importance of being flexible as an essential condition to meet market’s challenges. A reference point to foster the philosophy behind Waste Italia is certainly the Code of Ethics: a guide to the rules of conduct outlined by the Group for those who work at Waste Italia and want to pursue its mission.

In confirmation of the principles set out above, all the employees participate in corporate life, both by contributing to meeting the objectives, and developing, within the limits of its competence, everyone doing his/her part - in creating a quality culture of individual and group work. With a view to sustainability, a dedicated a dedicated group of employees was created, namely the agents of sustainability - who are as intermediaries between the premises (headquarters and facilities located in Northern Italy) and the CSR Department (Corporate Social Responsibility) in order to keep a direct connection with demands and needs of employees.

Reference principles

  • The valorisation of personal contributions expressing each person's professionalism, cknowledgement of experiences and appreciation of competences;
  • Responsibility assignment to personnel as a factor to foster opportunities of growth and professional development;
  • An assessment system based on reliable parameters which is at the same time a comparison term to assess the expectations;
  • Merit system managed with coherence and pertinent to assessment parameters able to answer with clarity and effectiveness to individual’s contributions and being at the same time a great mean of motivation.

In order to foster the dialogue between employees and Company, a virtual Help Desk and a project named “If I were the boss" have been instituted to collect innovative initiatives and proposals.

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