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Waste Italia Spa

Corporate Profile

Waste Italia, the environmental side of Sostenya Group

Waste Italia is part of the Waste Italia Group, an investment holding company operating in the environmental industry, listed on MTA market of Borsa Italiana, itself owned by Sostenya PLC (holding company at the head of two business areas: the environmental with Waste Italia and the renewables with Innovatec).

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Sostenya's objective is integrating both environmental and renewable energy activities, drawing on the principle of sustainability declared in the Corporate Governance, combining a modern entrepreneurial spirit and an effective managerial organisation. Seeking to put Circular Economy theories into practice namely to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times, aiming at reducing the production of waste and its reuse and designing products that can be 'made to be made again' and and re-inserted in the production process.

It is therefore natural that Waste Italia aims at creating value for all its stakeholders, both direct and indirect ones, positively affecting the regions it operates in. Waste Italia places sustainability at the centre of its vision, in such a way as to ensure a corporate management particularly sensitive to sustainable development and environmentally-friendly policies since it recognises the economic and social value resulting therefrom.

Gruppo Waste italia

The Company active in the environmental sector

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Sostenya PLC

The Holding company at the head of business areas

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