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Waste Italia Spa


Pulses are Circular

by Sergio Ferraris

Those who think the circular economy is a hindrance to companies are proved wrong by Gruppo Pedon’s results. Here is how to marry value production with environmental and social sustainability. Save the Waste: an all-around project involving agricultural communities, reusing vegetable waste and supporting ethical and social projects.

It is a fact that the circular economy is in search of a clear definition. This process will hardly stop at the aspect, albeit crucial, of matter recovery, by restoring a role and function to materials that up until today have been considered waste. Companies are much more complex phenomena than the mere engineering aspect linked to production with incoming flows of raw materials and outgoing end products and waste. Indeed, industrial production has notorious environmental repercussions, considering emergencies linked to climate and pollution, while when it comes to purely “sociological” issues we are still stuck at Adriano Olivetti’s experience.

But, more evolved companies, able to reconcile their main activity of producing value with the respect for the environment, do exist. Gruppo Pedon is a good case in point. Based in Molvena, near Vicenza, is specialized in the distribution of cereals, pulses and seeds and controls 50% of the Italian market in this sector...

Source: Renewable Matter

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