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How to Preserve Value in Waste Management

by Simonetta Tunesi

Planning waste management is a complex problem requiring appropriate approaches able to go beyond partial visions. The first step in preserving waste value is identifying and quantifying all household and assimilated waste flows that go through a given area.

Can we comprehend that waste management is a “wicked” problem: a really complex problem, not just a “little complicated”? When we are dealing with a wicked problem, it is never clear whether it has been solved and in any case it presents some specific characteristics that require attention and creativity.

There is nothing worse that tackling a wicked problem as if it were a “classical” or simplifiable problem adopting methods not suitable for its complexity leading to partial solutions (namely non solutions) that do not understand and deal with the fundamental features of the problem.

Despite recognizing that the first priority is to put under investigation the link between consumption and the ensuing waste, waste production and management will be an ongoing problem for high-income and emerging countries and increasingly impacting in low- and middle-income countries...

Source: Renewable Matter

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