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Waste Italia Spa


Sustainable scenery

In collaboration with the portal of Edizioni Ambiente. This section contains news, events, interviews, books, technological innovations and exemplary stories on green scenery in Italy and in the world. Suggestions for better grasp the sustainable world and its changing relationship with society and the environment.

Pulses are Circular

by Sergio Ferraris

Those who think the circular economy is a hindrance to companies are proved wrong by Gruppo Pedon’s results. Here is how to marry value production with environmental and social sustainability. Save the Waste: an all-around project involving agricultural communities, reusing vegetable waste and supporting ethical and social projects.

How to Preserve Value in Waste Management

by Simonetta Tunesi

Planning waste management is a complex problem requiring appropriate approaches able to go beyond partial visions. The first step in preserving waste value is identifying and quantifying all household and assimilated waste flows that go through a given area.

Circular Economy and Producer Responsibility: A Match that Can Work

by Giovanni Corbetta

The maker of a product must manage its entire life cycle, dealing with it even when it becomes waste. This is the only way to avoid distortions and inefficiencies that could jeopardize the objective of creating a circular economy model.