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Waste Italia Spa


Presentation Waste End Report
Friday, March 13 - Milan, Kinexia (now Group Waste Italia) and Symbola Foundation present the WASTE END - circular economy, new frontier of Made in Italy. A meeting that has as central theme the opportunity to give more strength to the Italian economy with a sustainable and innovative waste management. A country like Italy can not continue to have a waste management system that wastes matters, land and energy. That waste can and should be a driving force for development, an economic factor, an ingredient of the mix which is the national competitiveness, a catalyst for innovation and a boost to turnover and employment of the companies.

Waste as a resource.
This is the objective at hand in a sector which, although a thousand failures, manifested in Italy enormous potential, and some notable record: for example, we are European champions in the recycling industry. In the face of a boot industrial recovery of 163 million tons of waste at the European level, in Italy there were recovered 24.1 million tons, the highest absolute value among all European countries.
From 11.00 to 12.30, at the headquarters of Expo 2015 Via Rovello 2, will be present Duccio Bianchi Scientific Coordinator of the Report, Pietro Colucci chairman Kinexia, Pier Francesco Marana, and Ermete Realacci President of Symbola Foundation that will close the debate.