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Waste Italia Spa


Supervisory board

In line with the company mission and in order to ensure maximum fairness and transparency in the management of its business activities, the internal control system has been stenghten by adopting the Organisational Model 231/01, which consists of a set of measures and preventive disciplinary procedures intended to prevent the commission of crimes within the business organisation. The Supervisory Board operates with impartiality, authority, continuity, professionalism, autonomy and suggests updates of the Code also on the basis of reports provided by the Recipients.

All employees and collaborators of the Group are obliged to report conduct which is inconsistent with the principles of the Code of Ethics by all those who are bound by it. The Company is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of the identity of the informer, except for requirements related to the fulfilment of duties of the Supervisory Board, as well as protecting the informer from retaliation, unlawful influence, hardship and discrimination of any type in the workplace, possibly attributable to the reporting of one or more breaches of the rules contained in this Code.

Composition of the Supervisory board

Members Roles
Stefano Poretti Presidente
Irene Giorgio Membro
Laura Malavenda Membro

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