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Waste Italia Spa


Organisational Model 231

Waste Italia is keen to ensure that its operations and businesses are run with integrity and transparency in accordance with the highest quality standards. To protect its reputation and image and to meet the expectations of its Shareholders and employees, the company has adopted an internal control system aimed at preventing any illegal acts by its directors, employees, collaborators, representatives and business partners in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231.

The Model 231 is disseminated and employees are informed about its content and obligations through several online and offline tools. Waste Italia undertakes to make the Model available on the company intranet network; to send it by e-mail to all employees and collaboratoris, providing all necessary information for its understanding; scheduling training to be held by the Vigiliance Committee; No cases of corruption have been detected which may have benefited the Group.

The Group's management - under the criteria of responsibility, quality and efficiency - is driven by the principles of the Code of Ethics, which underlines the corporate policy for health and safety rules in the workplace to observe.

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