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Waste Italia Spa


Coordination System

Information about companies or entities exercising control Following the merger by incorporation into Gruppo Waste Italia S.p.A. (already Kinexia S.p.A.) the former parent Sostenya S.p.A., Waste Italia S.p.A. It is subject to management and coordination pursuant to art. 2497 bis of the Italian Civil Code by Gruppo Waste Italia S.p.A. (already Kinexia S.p.A.).

Reverse merger of Sostenya S.p.A. into Gruppo Waste Italia S.p.A. (already Kinexia S.p.A.)

On 3 April 2014 the boards of Sostenya S.p.A. and Kinexia S.p.A. have approved the merger by incorporation of Sostenya into Kinexia. The completion of the Merger was subject to the approval of the Merger project by the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting in compliance with the majorities provided for in Article 49, paragraph 1, lett. g) of the Issuer Regulations (so-called whitewash) view to exempt from the obligation on the part of Dr. Pietro Colucci and / or companies he controls directly or indirectly, of making a complete-acquisition on Kinexia actions. The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on 26 May 2014 unanimously approved the Merger. The Merger, July 31 2014, became effective on the third trading day following the day which Consob has approved the Securities Note for the admission to trading of the new shares issued as part of the Merger capital. That decision was issued by Consob on August 6, 2014, whereby the effectiveness of the Merger intervened on August 11, 2014, date on which the company Sostenya S.p.A. was merged within Kinexia S.p.A. Kinexia in 2015 changed its name to Group Waste Italy S.p.A.


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