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Waste Italia Spa


Code of ethics: behind every choice

The management of the Waste Italia Group - in accordance with the criteria of responsibility, quality and efficiency - is based on the principles contained in the Code of Ethics. The document is a statement of the company policy concerning health and safety at the workplace and defines the guidelines, the principles of action and the targets to aim at. 

governance apre

The Code of Ethics, invoking principles of conduct which are also used to prevent unlawful behaviour regulated in Model 231, is an integral element of the same. The company also undertakes to update the contents in the event of any modifications to the context, reference standards environment or company organisation that make it appropriate or necessary.

The Code of Ethics applies to directors, employees, collaborators and more in general to all those who cooperate, in any capacity, to pursue the purposes of Waste Italia.

The Board of Directors therefore considered fundamental to clearly define the core values and principles that guide the company to ensure that all activities are conducted in accordance with legally binding reference standards. The present Code of Ethics is framed by the core principles that inspire the management of the company and collects a set of rules of conduct that everybody required to respect in the performance of its own tasks.

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