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Waste Italia Spa


Corporate Governance of Waste Italia

From the month of October 2015 Kinexia SpA was renamed Group Waste Italy SpA, a company specialized in the environmental sector. The documents in this section that date back to a date earlier than indicated still refer to the corporate name Kinexia Spa.

The BoD of Waste Italia

The Corporate Governance lays down a set of rules, tools, corporate systems, etc.,governing the proper management of the company. The Corporate Governance also includes the relationships between the company and its stakeholders and the way in which company's targets are defined.

Waste Italia adopts a traditional system of Corporate Governance consisting of principles and procedures which rely on the maximum transparency and correctness towards all stakeholders. This is the reason why the company independently deliberated to adopt the organizational model 231 and the Code of Ethics. The traditional system requires the presence of a Board of Directors and a Control Body, the Board of Statutory Auditors.

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