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Waste Italia Spa


Plant description Bedizzole (BS) - Faeco Srl

apre faeco

Faeco srl It based in Bedizzole (Brescia) in one of the most industrialized areas of Italy. The disposed waste - "fluff"- is the residue of the cars crushing: waste as rubber and electrical cables, which can’t be recycled. uring the disposal process, large amounts of biogas are produced. They’re used for the production of electrical energy, hereinafter fed into the public network (the estimated production is about 4 million kWh per year).

The plant is equipped with the latest technology and the best control systems to ensure an eco - sustainable disposal to protect the latest standards in the environmental field, making Faeco a model of environmental sustainability. Faeco has obtained the SR10 certification for its good corporate social responsibility policy.

Another key point in the company's policy is regarding corporate social responsibility regarding the ethical implications within its strategic vision: since its opening in 1999 in fact, Faeco has promoted initiatives for the benefit of the community by promoting volunteer events , sports, culture and about everything that is part of the local social context. From December 2012 Faeco is part of Italy Waste Group, becoming in 2014 a subsidiary of Waste Italy, at the head of the company's environment within the Group.

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ISO 9001
Certiquality ISO 14001
Certiquality EMAS
• Certiquality SR10 - Responsabilità Sociale d’Impresa - Certiquality

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