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Waste Italia Spa


Plant description Ecosavona (SV)

Ecosavona is the company operates the plant of Boscaccio in Vado Ligure (Savona). The system is active in the treatment, disposal and recovery of non-dangerous special and urban waste, as well as in the recovery of energy from landfill biogas.

apre ecosavona

The landfill serves about 69 municipalities in the province of Savona with a remaining capacity of 1.6 million cubic meters. On the area of the landfill there’s a system of electric power generation (5.190 kWe) from the biogas recovered in landfill that is promoted through green certificates, the production of it is greater than 6,200 MWh per MW installed, thanks to the contribution of organic material on the part of solid urban waste.


ISO 9001 - Rina
ISO 14001 – Rina
EMAS – Rina
ISO 18001 - Rina


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