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Waste Italia Spa


The Sustainability Report

The sustainability Report is the most important tool of dialogue and a formal commitment to transparency and reporting for all our stakeholders. It is published once a year and is based on the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines by Global Reporting. Initiative.

The CSR department chose to still refer to the guidelines GRI G3 and ensure a smooth transition to the new version GRI G4, focusing on streamlining with a view to enhancing clarity and readability. The strategic decision to publish simultaneously the Sustainability Report and the consolidated and separate financial statements strengthens the importance and the value of the first one and further express the Group’s will to provide a complete dashboard of information for all the stakeholders.

The Sustainability Report’s drafting process has involved all corporate functions under the coordination of the CSR department during the research and reporting practices. In order to make this approach more concrete, starting from 2013, the Sustainability Agents entered into action, a team made up of internal resources , one for each location and office, with the purpose of creating a positive dynamic and speeding up the process of sensitisation and training of personnel about economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The Plan has been set up on a three-yearly basis (2014-2016) and provides for specific KPI (Key Performance Indicators) allowing monitoring the gradual progress toward the objective during the three-year period. As a guide for the reader, the Sustainability Report closes with an appendix which includes the GRI indices supported by references to specific sections.
Where indicators are not available, because they have not been calculated or developed, that choice has been declared in the same grid cell. Information on the level of coverage is made intuitive by the use of different colors: red= indicator not covered (not significant or not applicable), green= indicator covered, yellow= indicator partially covered.

An innovative design, forward-looking and practical. The beginning of a sea change in the way to conceive and manage waste

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Transfer knowledge to younger is a fundamental task for any company, especially when it comes to the environment and energy

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A virtuous example of synergy between different industries, able to put sustainability at the heart of its activities ...

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Promote the integration of sustainability performance in the ESG assessment of credit by financial operators ...

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Allow all employees to express opinions, initiatives and proposals with the aim of improving business activities ...

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Thank Ecoteca® born the first center in Italy of information and education based on a new environmental ethic ...

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