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Waste Italia Spa


Management System Quality, Environment and Safety

Waste Italia has adopted an integrated management system for Quality & Environment since customers are entrepreneurs who wish to contribute to the economic development of the Country in full compliance with the sustainability principles. The furtherance of science, and technology, and the economic development, nowadays must not disregard the intelligent use of environmental resources, because there is no future without responsible development.  
Waste Italia has implemented its own integrated management system for quality, environmental, health and safety, which is regularly put in practice, maintained and continuously improved under UNI EN ISO9001 and UNI EN ISO14001 international standards, a system certified by ANCIS, (National Association for the Certification and Quality of Service Companies).

The Company follows the guidelines set by the Sixth Environment Action Programme of the European Community (6th EAP): wastes must be treated as close as possible to where they are produced, reintroduced in the economic cycle and, only if they cannot be reused, they shall be disposed of safely.

The management system determines and describes corporate processes, through:

  • Identification of environmental and safety related aspects with subsequent assessment of the significance
  • Setting of improvement objectives in accordance with the corporate environmental and quality policy
  • Identification of applicable legal requirements
  • Lay down the details of how the processes are to be implemented, assigning roles and responsibilities and providing all necessary documentation.


The environmental management system documentation shall meet the needs of the company's management in terms of quality, environment, safety and health. Each document is subject to verification, approval and then recorded in the information system in order to manage the documentation of Waste Italia, more specifically, the system is composed of:

  • Pescriptive procedures for the organisational and operational arrangements (including the responsibilities on the basis of each project).
  • Instructions to carry out specific actions.
  • Forms, documents and registers to ensure compliance with requirements laid down and recording the inspections carried out in the power plants (safety, environmental monitoring …).

Waste Italia regularly takes care of executing activities for monitoring processes and economic and safety performances by respecting policy, objectives and regulations. Over 50 days a year spent on auditing activities, divided between internal and external auditing. Critical situations are recorded and managed by identifying and adopting corrective actions.  

The entire Waste Italia system is reviewed on an annual basis to guarantee its own suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. Regular staff training plays a key role for our Group: managers always agree on environmental, quality and safety matters.

An innovative design, forward-looking and practical. The beginning of a sea change in the way to conceive and manage waste

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Transfer knowledge to younger is a fundamental task for any company, especially when it comes to the environment and energy

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A virtuous example of synergy between different industries, able to put sustainability at the heart of its activities ...

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Thank Ecoteca® born the first center in Italy of information and education based on a new environmental ethic ...

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