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Waste Italia Spa


Policy Quality and the Environment system

Services for the collection, sorting, processing and disposal of hazardous waste are subject to strict procedures and controls for the purpose of proper environmental management. The QAS policy Waste Italy is based on the values, expressed in any activities of its business, and is the reference for the definition of the objectives and environmental goals of the whole organization.
Management has defined and documented policy for the environment quality, relevant to business objectives and the needs and expectations of its customers and all interested parties and is periodically reviewed in order to verify the content and provide the update as needed. The Board of Directors has identified the basic principles for the provision of all the Group services.

Our services of collection, selection, treatment and disposal of special wastes are all customer oriented and subject to strict procedures and monitoring to ensuring sound management of waste. The Policy for the Quality and the Environment of Waste Italia is based on the company's values and is embedded in all our business activities. It is the benchmark for defining environmental targets and applies to all the plants of the Group. The Management defined and documented the policy for the quality and the environment concerning corporate targets and expectations and requirements of all our customers and stakeholders.


  • Identifying targeted services for industrial and commercial customers.
  • helping customers manage waste effectively and appropriately at their facilities.
  • Ensuring a continuous commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and other prescriptions adopted by the Group concerning its own environmental aspects.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of the business activity by offering customers opportunities for higher energy savings and a gradual increase of recyclable and recoverable materials.
  • Implementing waste management systems which minimise the environmental impact.
  • Transforming waste in clean energy or valuable secondary material .
  • Ensuring environmental safety also in the final stage of waste disposal at the Group's landfills.
  • Designing and building directly our own treatment plants, by consolidating our technical structure and promoting the research and development of solutions focused at improving the managements.

The organisation guarantees that the policy is understood, put into practice and supported at al levels, by:

  • Distribution of the Manual and/or other awareness material.
  • Organisation of special events to meet internal staff and suppliers.
  • Involvement of the internal staff in the Safety and Quality management system and management reviews.
  • Guarantee of the presence of the the resources needed to achieve planned improvement targets.

An innovative design, forward-looking and practical. The beginning of a sea change in the way to conceive and manage waste

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Transfer knowledge to younger is a fundamental task for any company, especially when it comes to the environment and energy

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A virtuous example of synergy between different industries, able to put sustainability at the heart of its activities ...

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Promote the integration of sustainability performance in the ESG assessment of credit by financial operators ...

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Allow all employees to express opinions, initiatives and proposals with the aim of improving business activities ...

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Thank Ecoteca® born the first center in Italy of information and education based on a new environmental ethic ...

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