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This category of stakeholders includes internal employees and external staff. Waste Italia considers of critical importance involving the staff on a personal level in order to allow full integration between company’s objectives and employees’ expectations. As outlined in the Code of Ethics, all employees participate in the company's life thereby contributing to the achievement of results and developing the quality of the working environment, within the sphere of their own competences.

The company offers many initiatives to further develop employees’ involvement by promoting projects and programmes to enhance both the quality of life at work and family lives thanks to a Welfare system always attentive to actual requirements.

Staff management policies are available to all collaborators through Company communication tools such as e-mails, biannual newsletters, a Virtual Help Desk to enable the communication with the service centres, posting info on the notice boards of the company and at our facilities, and the circulation of paper documents. All documents are also available on the company's intranet (PODIO).

Main initiatives of dialogue and consultation

  • Meetings chaired by the Chairman and CEO to illustrate annual and half-yearly results and to announce the business strategic plan;
  • Corporate Intranet;
  • Welcome Kit (for new hires including the company's procedures, a brief explanation of how to read a payroll, most used modules);
  • Project “If I were the boss”: initiatives and proposals from employees aimed at improving the working environment, taking inspiration from the values of quality;
  • Open days for the staff & their family at our facilities in order to “experience first-hand” the company’s activities and share common CSR matters;
  • Structured education programs;
  • Biannual newsletter summarizing the main corporate events and other important matters;
  • “Wastino Point”: e-mail address to communicate news, useful information, complaints (if any) or suggestions;
  • “Cuddles Project”: greeting card and scratch & win for all employees when birthdays, weddings or children’s births occur;
  • Welfare Project: a series of conventions agreed with preferred companies providing services, such as travels, health assistance and purchases at concessionary prices;
  • Individual meetings with the Supervisor at least every six months.

An innovative design, forward-looking and practical. The beginning of a sea change in the way to conceive and manage waste

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Transfer knowledge to younger is a fundamental task for any company, especially when it comes to the environment and energy

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A virtuous example of synergy between different industries, able to put sustainability at the heart of its activities ...

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Promote the integration of sustainability performance in the ESG assessment of credit by financial operators ...

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Allow all employees to express opinions, initiatives and proposals with the aim of improving business activities ...

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Thank Ecoteca® born the first center in Italy of information and education based on a new environmental ethic ...

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