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Waste Italia Spa


WastEnd, the workshop of the future

Zero Waste means do not squander materials and it is  a possible route. Made of efficiency. WastEnd is a pioneering project, a unique center in its kind, which will come out waste and useful materials and where the waste will be planted only if no longer recoverable. A true change of perspective in which the waste will have to be rethought as a resource and not as a weight. Waste materials must then be collected separately so that they can be valued and become useful materials for new processes. For example you can get items in plastic or yarn from packaging, compost from organic waste or even you can get material for bike paths and anti-shock panels for playgrounds from the reuse of used tyres.

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The project is inspired by the most modern centres of recycling, such as Hiriya park in Israel, and will "close" the waste cycle and to give life to the possible activities of the supply chain, with the start up of new companies. With WastEnd, Chivasso will be part of the top 300 towns in Italy, the first in the province of Turin, which adhere to a path towards the "Zero Waste", in which the name "WastEnd, the workshop of the future" refers. WastEnd forms part of a wider project of SMC (a subsidiary of Waste Italia) in the region of Chivasso and other neighbouring municipalities partners of SETA, whose aim is to educate and help people so that they can prevent waste from being generated (prevention) and simoultaneously recycle what cannot be reused (waste sorting). A Recycling Park, as an integral part of the project, where waste will be re-introduced into the production chain as secondary raw materials, which is material that can be reused in other contexts.

A project that does not end in environmental issues, but which will also have positive effects on the territory as it will create 20 to 50 jobs within five years and give impetus to the development of new business activities. In addition, it will help benefit the Municipality and its citizens, using bio-methane in the public bus fleet, planting vegetable gardens for citizens, organising teachning labs, providing materials to build cycling tracks or producing park furniture in compliance with Green Public Procurement legal framework for the Public Administration.

Wastend as a research location: the innovative nature of this project also reveals in the intention to create a research centre - through an agreement with the Universities - for the design of new materials and objects from the recovery of discarded materials, also from the sustainable design perspective. WastEnd follows a series of steps and, authorisations permitting, will be operational in two years. The communication plan was shared with the citizens, actively involving the stakeholders. The working group involved both enironmental associations and trade unions as well as the Municipality itslef by adequately supporting and monitoring all planning actions.

The key points of the project


    Citizens will be able to deliver or receive items still functioning or requiring minor repairs but that can still be used. The park will comply with EU regulations wìhich firstly requires to prevent waste from being generated and to promote reuse. Authorisation for the filling of available landfill space; this operation will not require an increase in soil consumption.

    The objective is obtaining a high-level compost through a combination of targeted projects benefiting the regions involved, such as the educational food gardens, the production of high quality compost to be used in public green areas and landfills biomethane to be used as transport fuel for buses.

    The objective is to achieve savings by using bio-inert materials and greater public hygiene related to street sweeping

    Plant for the valorisation of sorted materials and production of secondary raw materials. Innovation lies in the inner processing of heterogeneous plastic wastes deriving from waste sorting, from the recycling of out-of-specification plastics at municipal eco-centres, in agreement with the consortiums and the trade unions. In Italy, a significant number of facilities are altrady operating.

    Electricity and thermal power thanks to the biologican & mechanical treatment and the pre-treatment of leachate.

    Production of secondary raw materials for ecological asphalt mixtures and manufactured products.
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An innovative design, forward-looking and practical. The beginning of a sea change in the way to conceive and manage waste

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