Mon, Jan 26, 2015

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Environment and Energy: the strength of a team! Giuseppe M. Chirico, CEO of Waste Italia - Pietro Colucci, Chairman and CEO of Sostenya and Kinexia - Marco Fiorentino, Vice-chairman of Kinexia
The human capital: 170 waste treatment workers
Integrated waste management: from the collection to the waste recovery
Waste Italia: awareness of people's value
The network: over 40 qualified partners throughout the Country
Integrated waste management: from the collection to the waste recovery
Waste Italia: the company’s management is constantly involved in training programmes to deliver an ever-growing variety of sustainable and certified services.
Waste Italia: l'azienda privata leader nella gestione dei rifiuti per ogni tipologia di cliente

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Kinexia, the first enterprise in Italy to be certified with the SR10 IQNET standard
that establishes the requirements for a social responsibility management system


Waste Italia is the ideal partner for those companies pursuing a fully compliant and environmentally sound waste management. The company provides personalised services covering the whole life-cycle of special waste, guaranteeing transparency and safety to all customers.


Both facilities and disposal systems are continually monitored and certified to UNI EN ISO9001 and UNI EN ISO9001 standards, a system certified by ANCIS (National Association for the Certification and Quality of Service Companies).

Social Responsibility

Waste Italia is perfectly aware that it is essential to build the future now. The progress of technologies as well as the global economic growth are not to ignore the importance of protecting the environment because there will be no future without sustainable development.